This is the official website of the channel #UnBAN from UnderNet servers.

An unofficial channel that has the ocupation of erasing Bans of clean users or users that didn't respect the terms of use on a certain channel.(and only those who have the Ban problem unsolved)

Ban's would not be erased if the users do invite or spam, comercials, or unpropriate language.

UnBAN channel collaborates with many channels, most of them having country names from Romania and with other channels that have being accepted, having a certain standard requierd for #UnBan.

To see the list of channels that Unban is collaborates with, click the button 'Canale' from top navigation menu.

If you want to be a helper or a operator , click the button 'Adduser' and follow the instructions

#UnBan rules can be visualised by clicking the button 'Reguli'

If you want to contact the administrator of #UnBan's you can click the button 'Contact'.

If you want to put your channel in our channel list, the rules are presented below (after reading the terms of use, send a request that you can complete, accesing this link

The "Add" rules of a channel in the list of channels that Unban collaborates with are:

  • 1. The channel must have at least 50 users(the channel that uses clones,drones or bots will be rejected)
  • 2. The channel must follow the terms of use of UnderNet
  • 3. 2 or 3 helpers of UnBan's channel must gain operator acces for a period of 14-17 days (access to EggDrop if needed)
  • 4. In case that the particular channel accepts all terms of a Ban, will be redirected to UnBan channel, and at least one of the helpers should stay operator to help users.lpers should stay operator to help the banned ones.
    Campurile de mai sus, reprezinta campurile de logare ale forumului canalului #UnBAN

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